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Yelloooo there!

My name is Jonas, but on the internet I am known as Sp4zie! I am a curly-haired Swedish guy who together with my pet plant Plantie create videos about the games that I play and upload them to YouTube! I also love streaming my gaming sessions live on twitch.tv!

I was born the 22nd of August 1989 in Stockholm, Sweden. Because I've always had a love for creation I undertook an education up in north Sweden to become a producer. During the course of my time there I started a side project that combined my passion for videogames with my never-ending love for creating something enjoyable - a YouTube channel. The 1st of November 2011 I uploaded my first video and two years later I'd quit my education in order to pour my heart and soul into what had then become my new full time job. Managing and running a successful YouTube channel is hard work. I do almost everything myself, from creating the actual content to managing metadata on the platform and answering comments from the viewers. There is nothing quite like it.

Right now I am living in Stockholm! My everyday life consists of creating -hopefully- enjoyable videos that I upload to my YouTube channel! I also throw down a weekly livestream at Tuesdays 4PM CEST.  I sometimes also consult about the things I've learnt through the years and every now and again you'll see me do the occasional appearance in other media. 

Computer Specs & Gear:

  • Corsair Obsidian 750D
  • Corsair 32GB DDR4 2666MHz Dominator RAM
  • x2: GeForce GTX TITAN Black (SLI)
  • Intel i7 5960X 3,0 GHz 20MB
  • SSD 240GB Intel 730
  • 3TB WD Red 7200rpm 64MB
  • x2: 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue
  • Corsair AX1500i Digital 1500W 80+ Titanium
  • Corsair Hydro H110
  • Monitors – BenQ TFT 24″ XL2420T + 24″XL2420Z 
  • Mouse –  ROCCAT - Kone XTD
  • Keyboard – ROCCAT - Ryos MK Pro
  • Headphones - Roccat - Aluma (in ears)
  • Microphone – Shure SM7B
  • External Soundcard - Line6 UX2
  • Microphone Boom Arm RODE PSA1
  • Webcam – Logitech c920
If you want to send me a letter or something fun use this address:


Box 4184

102 64 Stockholm



Use 'search" (CTRL+F) to find your question

Q: How did you come up with the name Sp4zie?

A: Sp4zie originates from the word spasm. The randomness of the medical condition was always something that young me found very childishly funny. I also felt like it kinda fit my personality aswell. Thoughout my long gaming life I've had many variations of the word as my nick. Spazmo, Spazz, Spaz-Attack, Spazia and Spazie to mention a few. Now it is, and forever will stay, Sp4zie. (because "Spazie" was taken when I created the channel - DUH). 

Q: When/How often do you stream?

A: I stream TUESDAYS 4PM CEST! That is my weekly streamday. I always try to stream more than that one day tho so make sure you "follow" the stream and keep track on facebook & twitter for the more unscheduled streams. They may occur at any time! 

Q: Can I donate to you?

A: Short answer is no. Long answer? For me, donations are made to those in need. That definition will always vary depending on who you ask but a random streamer playing games in their warm home with a high-tech computer isn't one of those people to me. You can directly support me by subscribing to my stream which will give you some cool emotes and access to the subscriber chat. But you can't donate. 

Q: Can I join CG?!?

A: No sorry, we are a closed community of close friends and we are not recruiting! 

Q: How old are you?

A: Born in 1989 - you do da maths

Q: What does DOOOITZ mean?

A: It's a phrase. A good phrase. It makes you happy. Watch this for an explanation to where I found it.

Q: Stream Playlist?

A: I use music from the wonderful company called Epidemic Sound! It's great because I don't break any laws, but it also means it can be quite tricky to find a track you might've enjoyed. I do however have a weird spotify playlist that you can check out if you want some music in your life :)

Q: Can we play together / Can I add you?

A: Unfortunately, no! Since there are so many people asking these days (which is super-flattering) I have to be fair to everyone! However, if you tune in when I am streaming I sometimes randomize out spots for fun-games :)

Q: Whats your Rank / League?

A: I do play way more normal games with my CG buddies than ranked. But in season 3 I mained ADC and finished Diamond 2. In season 4 i switched to main AP mid and made it to Diamond 5. You can always check my profile at LoLKing

Q: Whats your favorite champion in LoL?

A: I’ve played this game since beta and been poking around at most champions and lanes since then. But in season 4 I mainly played AP mids for ranked and Syndra or Xerath were my go to picks. But I can’t say I have a favorite champion since mostly I just play for fun, and most champs are fun in one way or the other :)

Q: Where are you from?

A: Sweden! Studied production in Piteå but currently living in Stockholm where I was born :)

Q: What softwares do you use for creating your videos?

A: I use dxtory to record footage. I use OBS to livestream and sometimes record footage. I use Adobe - Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop to create my videos. 

Q: What do you use to communicate with your teammates?

A: We use Team Speak 3

Q: Can you give me some tips on improving on LoL?

A: Unfortunately I seldom have time answer questions like this! In my commentaries I try give out tips and tricks for the champion I am playing. Also in my videos titled “ELO Vlog” I go through some ideas that might help you improve while playing SoloQ. Here an example.

Q: What/who is Plantie?

A: Plantie is my trustworthy sidekick. He made his first appearance in this video. Once uploaded, the comment section of the video blew up with things like “That plant tho”, “omg the plant is so cute” and “just back for my daily look at that plant”. I realized quickly that Plantie was the key to my success and I have kept him very close to me ever since.

Q: What kind of a plant is Plantie?

A: Chamaedorea Elegans

Q: What does CG stand for/Can I join CG?

A: CG stands for Compact Gaming and is a fun-driven small community of old friends who all love playing games! We have players from all over EU of different ages and background and we all share one mentality: gaming should be fun! As we are a closed community we do not recruit or look for new members! Sorry!

Q: Do you have a postbox I can send stuff to?

A:  I LOVE when you guys send me cool stuff! Be it just a letter or a homemade pillow with the words ‘DOOOITZ’ on them! Sometimes I showcase the stuff you send in a video series called the postbox. Here is the address: Sp4zie, Box 4184, 102 64 Stockholm, Sweden

Q: What is that instrument called?

A: The weird white thingy that I slide my finger on to create "music" is called an Otamatone. Best instrument EU. If you google it you might find an online retailer that ships to your country! 

Q: What is your real life name?

A: My name is Jonas. It's says so on the top of this site. Go and read the introduction damnit :)

Q: Why is the chat only in subscriber mode?

A: Because of the fact that there are quite a few people tuning in, if subscriber mode isn't activated the chat becomes a spam-fest that doesn't contribute to the stream itself. With it activated people can hang out, talk to each other and have a good time. I can also communicate fairly well when I am out of game. So that's why it's always on. Except at the end of the stream when we DOOOITZ together of course :)

Q: What is LOY?

A: LOY (or as the song itself is called Loy Loy Loy) is what we use to celebrate wins or to just get hyped while streaming! It's one of those tunes that just makes you happy overall. Plus, subscribers can spam LOY in the chat while it plays! Everybody wins! 

Q: What is CTDM?

A: Why how DARE you not know? CTDM stands for "Crisp To Da Maximum" which comes from one of the more popular epic moments. When something is good, it's CTDM. It has also turned into a hashtag that we all use to large confusion to those who doesn't know what it means. "Just stole my teammates pentakill as support. #CTDM" 

Q: Where is CG member X?

A: People in our little community comes and goes. If you don't see them around in videos/streams as often it's probably because they're busy with real life or just doesn't wanna spend as much time playing games anymore. No biggie :)

Q: What do you use to add effects to your voice?

A: I use a program called Podfarm that comes with the Line6 UX2 external soundcard. It's all pretty pricey and actually meant to be used for guitarrs/synths etc. For now it works alright but I might be looking to switch to other options in the future. I wouldn't recomend this solution to the happy amateur as, again, it's pretty pricey. 

Q: Do you have any press pictures?

A: Sure do! You can download them here.


Even though I have a pretty hectic schedule I am always looking for new ideas and co-operations.

Are you a company looking for exposure? Are you interested in really reaching out to the audience you care about? Then I might be just the guy for you. When it comes to sponsored videos and integrating brands I am usually not too keen on the old fashioned model of things. In my opinion a successful integration requires both parties to have a true ambition to create great content. Because of this, prices and overall solutions widely vary.

To initiate things, send a detailed email explaining what you do and what your goals are to jonas@sp4zie.com Be as thorough as possible, I have a lot on my plate and I can't go anywhere with an email requesting Skype meetings based on zero predetermined conditions.

Lectures / Consulting
I do everything myself. And because of that I have come to learn a thing or two when it comes to social media, audience growth and overall content creation on digital platforms and 'newer' media. I have a wide range of knowledge that I love to share with those who wants to listen! Send an email to jonas@sp4zie.com briefly explaning your business and what you're trying to acomplish and we'll take it from there!